Our Services

Our Services

Brothers & Associates offers employment services that enhance job attainment potential.

Job Exploration & Development

Part of our job placement services involves assessing the individual needs of customers, planning for their employment, and job development.

As workforce development experts, we have found that job seekers may require help in the following areas:

  • Developing a solid resume
  • Honing interviewing skills
  • Instruction on completing employment applications
  • Improving job-seeking skills
  • Assistance in wardrobe, style, and hygiene specifics
  • Assistance in coordinating interviews
  • Preparing for virtual interviews
  • Analyzing job opportunities, i.e., identifying essential job functions
  • Developing individualized employment plans

Career Exploration

Do you have your high school diploma or  GED but don’t want to go to college? Brothers & Associates can help you find paid employment in an industry that complements your skills. We offer career exploration services to high schoolers and young adults who wish to skip college and go into fulltime employment. 

Job Placement & Retention

Brothers & Associates offers customized employment services that include:

  • Assisting each client with interviews
  • Direct linkage with employers
  • Orienting individuals to the job specifics and expectations
  • Discussing and understanding work scheduling and transportation needs
  • Developing initials natural supports
  • Ensuring possession of required government-issued identification
  • Assisting each client to understand and complete employment forms (i.e., direct deposit, IRS 1099, etc.)
  • Post-employment follow-up (monthly for first three months)

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