Business Services

Business Services

Brothers & Associates provides workforce development training in Delaware.

We support employers by matching job seekers with the needs of businesses. We can assist with:   

  • Arranging interviews 
  • Assistance with onboarding
  • Post-hire follow-up services to ensure job retention

Brothers & Associates can also assist businesses in accessing Work Opportunity Tax Credits and on-the-job-training reimbursement.  

Job Coaching

Brothers & Associates offers job coaching services in Delaware. Services include:  

  • Training customers on specific work behavior to the satisfaction of the employer 
  • Work schedule time management training 
  • Workplace communication skills training 
  • Worksite based interpersonal skills (i.e. peer and supervisor, communication skills) 

Job Stabilization

Brothers & Associates offers assistance to help candidates settle into their new roles through the following services: 

  • Banking and income management training 
  • Coordinating job accommodations and natural supports 
  • Research and recommendation of assistive technology (i.e. Tech accommodation for individuals with disabilities)

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